mBlock 5 Please put your questions/answers/idea about the mBlock 5 products down below in this category. mBlock 5 products include「<a href="http://www.mblock.cc/mblock-software/">mBlock 5 for desktop - Windows | MacOS/</a>」,「<a href="https://ide.mblock.cc">mBlock web</a> - (<a href="https://ide.mblock.cc">https://ide.mblock.cc</a>)」,「mBlock for mobile - Android | IOS」
mBlock Extensions Use <a href="https://ext.mblock.cc/">mBlock Extension Builder</a> to add your own device to mBlock or create mBlock 5 extensions. Please leave your questions about mBlock Extension here.<br> Check out mBlock Extension Builder documentation here:<br> <a href="https://www.mblock.cc/doc/en/developer-documentation/developer-documentation.html">https://www.mblock.cc/doc/en/developer-documentation/developer-documentation.html</a>
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mBlock 3 Please put your questions/answers/idea about mBlock 3 in this category.<br> Although we know you love mBlock 3, please note that mBlock 3 will keep stable but won’t have any future update.)
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