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Good Aftternoon, my name is Pedro, I’m from Venezuela and I’m improving my english jajajajaja.
I bougth a starter robot kit IR VERSION. I play with the robot and the code then I erased accidentally the initial program code.
Now I am trying to reprogram but I have a problem with the signal recognition from the “Me Infrared Receiver Decode”, I don’t know how to create a program that recognize the IR signal. I use mBot.

Help Me.
Thank You


See this thread about resetting the default program if you want it again.

if you are trying the recognize the IR from the remote then there are scratch boolean blocks in the robot section (mBot selected extension)
the one for the IR remote is <IR Remote [A .] pressed> use that in an if block and put what you want to happen in there.
The arduino code for the A button is

void setup(){
       #stuff goes here



I have problem with connecting my mbot from pic to mbot. I can not update firmware. I don’t see port 28. [quote=“indream, post:1, topic:786, full:true”]
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    Connecting pc and mbot problem

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