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In this Category, you can say anything about makeblock, robot, arduino or something related. Post with a vedio or some pictures are encouraged here, that will help show your opinion more intuitive. This community will helps each other to make sure your have a wonderful robot experience.

Makeblock Products

If you have any doubt about makeblock products, please ask here, and we will give a feedback as soon as possible. Don't be shy to ask any kind of question.


Read news, share ideas, and ask questions about the well-received graphical programming software.

New Product Ideas

If you have any new idea of robot kits or something related, this is a good place to share it. Our ultimate goal is to develop new products together with you. Let's make something cool!


Have you built a personal robot with Makeblock? Show it off here! Let's see what you've built to help inspire others. Picture and video are encouraged here.