Controlling CyberPi display pixelwise



I am just starting with mblock and the CyberPi. With the Display+ extension, it is possible to kind of draw on the display using doodles. However, this is a very indirect way of control - is there any way (probably from microPython, I have not seen any relevant blocks) to directly draw on the display, e.g. something like “cyberpi.display.set(pixel_x, pixel_y, r, g, b)”? I have found nothing in the API of cyberpi itself or the Display+ API, but I suspect there must be some undocumented way to do this, since it is what the Display+ cyberpi.sketch.* methods must be doing internally.


There currently is not. I may make an extension related to what you are talking about, though.


Thanks a lot! Just out of curiosity: Is the source of Display+ available somewhere? I was not able to find it, but if I was to write such an extension myself, the source of Display+ would of course be super helpful as a starting point.


Yes. I will private message it to you.


Awesome, thanks :smile:


I messaged you. Did you see it?


Could you message it to me too? I have the same question.


I’ll send you the Display + extension later this week.


Hi, could you send it to me? Thanks!


@someperson Of course! Sorry, I almost forgot. Look in your forum messages for a message from me.