Can Anyone Help This Low Tech Grandma?


That’s wonderful! :smile:


Just heard they were not able to intercept the package (though it had not yet shipped, ???); so now I have to wait until it arrives and then ship it back. If this return ever actually goes through, I’ll be relieved … and surprised.


Hope it works out for you! @AngieGrams


Thanks. I don’t mean to overstay my welcome here on this thread. It’s just that I have received such strong and genuine help here that I want to keep the thread open until this gets resolved. I do appreciate the understanding and patience everyone has shown here, and if I could, I would happiy return the favor.


@AngieGrams No problem! You can keep a thread open as long as you like. :slight_smile:
Also, please remember that no matter what how your gift turns out, your grandson will still love you, and you will still love your grandson! If the mBot doesn’t get there on time, he’ll know that you did everything you could to get it quickly. If it does get there on time, he’ll like you even more! :smiley:

Have a nice day!


What a sweet sentiment! Thanks so much.
Grandchildren are really special. Being a parent was rewarding, but challenging, and often overwhelming. Being a grandparent is very different … easy and fun and very “in the moment”. Grandkids put you back in touch with all the wonders of childhood passed. They are a gift like no other.


:grinning: Low-tech grandmas are really special, too! :older_woman:


Wanted you to know that the refund went through!
Decided to order the product from Amazon because of their holiday extended return policy, and also because they have phone support. Will keep this thread open to let you all know if Jonathan likes the kit.

Your kindness is appreciated more than you know!

Just one thing … your emoji has lovely gray hair, but I never will! lol! :heart_eyes:




Hello again Commander.
Do any chance, do you have the next page or two of this document? The Ranger comments look like they might be very helpful, and they are cut off. Thanks!


Hi Anita

I really don’t want to publish stuff this way, but here are the remaining pages of this chapter:

Good Luck.



I am so sorry to have asked. I understand what you are saying.
I will not print or use this information.
Perhaps when your book is ready, Jonathan will seek it out.


By the way, @AngieGrams, keep me updated on how your grandson likes the mBot! :slight_smile:


I sure will! Thanks!


Great! Can I help you with anything else, @AngieGrams?


Oh, a suggestion:
If the device he will be coding it with doesn’t have Bluetooth, this will be handy (Bluetooth allows you to code the robot wirelessly, which is pretty nice if you’re troubleshooting):


Thanks! I will print this and pass it along.



WOW! :open_mouth: 57 (58 now) replies!


I just now saw this (Can Anyone Help This Low Tech Grandma?). I’d like to say that you’ve been very calm, nice, and easy to understand! Thank you!


Everyone here has been so helpful … and patient. I really appreciate all the comments … kind of paying it forward! I wish I could return the favors, but there are others out there who hopefully will!