Can Anyone Help This Low Tech Grandma?


Please see post below. Thanks.


Hello again.
Thank you again for your continued support. I am learning about these mbots because of the help I am getting here.
If I may, I have a couple more questions …
After looking carefully at the mbot Mega and the mbot Ranger, I feel the Ranger is more suitable for a 14 year old. I am leaning in this direction.
You previously wrote re the mbot Mega “The downside of the mBot Mega is the coding part is a bit hard to understand, and also the sensors are a bit easy to break.” Would this also be true of the Ranger? Or not?
And finally, the mbot sets sell for considerably less at Amazon. Is there a reason for this? Are they the same sets? Are they of inferior quality?

Thanks so so so much!


Thanks so much!
I think I’ll go with the Ranger and make the purchase at Amazon. I will assume they are selling authentic versions of Makeblock, and they do have lower prices and pretty good customer service.
The booklet you sent looks wonderul, and I’ll be sure to include a link when I give my grandson his gift.
Your grandaughter is very fortunate to have such a smart and involved person helping her. I can help my grandsons in many ways, but tech is not one of them!
Thanks for your help.


No, the Ranger is very easy to code! I have one, so I can give you any help you need with it too! The sensors are also very well-designed and durable!


Best_Codes Thanks again. I will keep a copy of this thread handy, in case my grandson needs some help down the road.
You have been so helpful. I wish I could return the favor.


To EVERYONE here: Please accept my most heartfelt thanks for your kindness and your help. I came here not understanding very much about this topic and hearing things that felt like a foreign language to me. I listened as carefully as possible to all the input, and I have decided to get the Ranger for my grandson. I am going to try to copy this thread so I will have a way of reaching out in the future, should I need to.
You have underscored for me once again what I try to never forget … that people are inherently good and caring. Let us all try to find and work together on common ground while appreciating our differences. I wish you all a safe, peaceful, joyful holiday.


Hi Group,

You chose without me.

I also choose the Ranger, I’ve never had one but it smells good for a 14 year old starting out. The CyberPI included in the mBot Neo offers more possibilities BUT the child must be motivated to use the other possibilities.



Crakel, please understand that your comments and everyone else’s here were considered. All were informative and helpful. So, again, thank you so much!



I was kidding, you’re in good hands.





Have you decided on the Ranger?


Hi Anita

I have a book on the go all about the Ranger kit too, but completion is some way off. Ranger is a good choice at the right price (although my preference is still the Ultimate). You may find the following screenshot of value:



I was able to copy and paste this into WORD.


Yes. I will place my order at Amazon soon.
Thanks again for all your help!


Actually, a Black Friday special price just popped up at the Makeblock site, so I think I’ll place my order here instead of at Amazon (where it ships from Makeblock anyway).
Do you feel the Customer Service at Makeblock is responsive and helpful?


Yes, I think mBlock has very good customer service!
You can always ask on here, too! :wink:



When I have had problems, I have always had good service and the products are of good quality. Otherwise, for help with the material, you can always have the child create an account so that he can ask his questions. There are no stupid questions on the forum.



Hi and thanks. That makes me feel good.
I did email Customer Service a question about the after Christmas return policy (just in case my grandson doesn’t want it), so I’m waiting to hear back. It will be interesting to see how long it takes.
Great idea about creating an account. I will pass it on.
Thanks again.


Which email did you use for contacting them, @AngieGrams?