Can Anyone Help This Low Tech Grandma?


Hi Anita

I have a book on the go all about the Ranger kit too, but completion is some way off. Ranger is a good choice at the right price (although my preference is still the Ultimate). You may find the following screenshot of value:



I was able to copy and paste this into WORD.


Yes. I will place my order at Amazon soon.
Thanks again for all your help!


Actually, a Black Friday special price just popped up at the Makeblock site, so I think I’ll place my order here instead of at Amazon (where it ships from Makeblock anyway).
Do you feel the Customer Service at Makeblock is responsive and helpful?


Yes, I think mBlock has very good customer service!
You can always ask on here, too! :wink:



When I have had problems, I have always had good service and the products are of good quality. Otherwise, for help with the material, you can always have the child create an account so that he can ask his questions. There are no stupid questions on the forum.



Hi and thanks. That makes me feel good.
I did email Customer Service a question about the after Christmas return policy (just in case my grandson doesn’t want it), so I’m waiting to hear back. It will be interesting to see how long it takes.
Great idea about creating an account. I will pass it on.
Thanks again.


Which email did you use for contacting them, @AngieGrams?



I recommend that you use their contact page, too:


I just realized something…

I decided to go ahead and place my order at the makeblock site, because their price had dropped and was better than Amazon. Then I realized something. Their return policy says 30 days, with no mention of an extended return policy!!! Almost every seller has an extended return policy. Ugh! While I believe my grandson will love this item, if he doesn’t, I have to be able to return it. So I emailed customer service to see what I should do.

I can’t believe that, after all this effort, I messed up the purchase! Hopefully customer service will respond and tell me there is an extended return policy in place.





I did use this page, too. I received what appears to be a “form response” today. No answer to my question about an extended return policy. This is disheartening to me. Perhaps the responder didn’t understand what I was asking, so I responded to his email asking the questions again.

Extended holiday return policy?
If not, how do I cancel order before it ships?
(Then I will re-order in December.)

So, now I’m waiting to hear back again. (sigh)

This is exactly the kind of situation that sends my stress level through the roof!

By any chance, do you know if Makeblock has a telephone number I can call? I think this would be easier to figure out by talking with someone.

Again, thanks so much to everyone for all your help.


Try these:
+213 784 9176


Will try tomorrow (Thursday)


Hello Best_codes. I just tried the number, and it is not in service.
This is becoming a nightmare. I know the products are really good, but, to me, customer service matters just as much.
I heard back from support, and they do not have an extended holiday return policy. I cannot give a gift that is not returnable, so I will have to return this item as soon as it arrives.
Do you know what the return process is?
I am so sorry to keep asking for help, but honestly, I am used to being able to call for support, and emailing them is so difficult.
So please let me know about the return process, and thanks again for your help.


Sorry you’re having so much trouble. I’ll see what I can find out…


At this point, I’m just hoping they will send me instructions on how to do the return, and I’m hoping the return/refund process will go smoothly.

I don’t get it. All I want is an assurance the item can be returned after Christmas if my grandson doesn’t want it. That same assurance is given at Amazon, where Makeblock sells their items! So why is there a problem?

Maybe communicating in English is not easy for their customer service?

You are so kind to continue to try to help. I hope that kindness will come right back to you.




Hello again.
What did you do?
Whatever you did seems to have produced some results!
I heard back from Customer Service, and they are saying they will intercept the package, have it returned to their warehouse, then issue me a full refund. I am hoping this will happen, and I will let you know when it does.
I suggested to them that they consider adopting an extended holiday return policy, and that they get a working customer service phone line. Their products seem to be good, and this forum is excellent, but their policies, imo, use some inprovement.
I will be placing my order for a new Ranger Set at Amazon. Yes, it will cost more, but they have an extended holiday return policy and they have working customer service phones.
I really miss the days of going into a physical store to do shopping. I guess that makes me a bit of a fossil, but whatever! lol
Thank’s again, and I’ll let you know what happens.