Can Anyone Help This Low Tech Grandma?


Forgive me, but may I ask is the present a Christmas present?
If so, I will be waiting to hear how he likes it then!


Hey, by the way, if he can have online accounts you might get him a forum account so that if he encounters any problems than he can get help…


Yes, it is, and I will be back for sure to let everyone here know how he likes it. Thanks!
(His parents monitor his online activity very varefully, so they will decide about his participation in forums.)


:slight_smile: Great!


It’s getting close to Christmas… I can’t believe you started this topic over a month ago! Time flies!


It sure does.

I hope everyone here has a peaceful and enjoyable holiday!


Thanks! And Merry Christmas (tomorrow).


Merry Christmas! Have happy new year! And don’t forget to tell me how your grandson! likes his present! :heart:


Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to all.

Unfortunately, I can’t yet tell you how my grandson liked his Makeb;ock gift because he and his entire family have covid! They are quarantining, and we will not be celebrating until they are over this latest variant.

Wear masks, everyone, and stay safe.


Whew! Hope you don’t get sick!


And I hope your family gets well soon!


And hopefully this topic doesn’t close…




Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Hello again everyone.
So glad to see this topic is still open.
Hope you’re all doing well.

Well, we’re past our covid experience and past the holidays. Jonathan did receive his Makeblock Ranger Kit, and I am happy to report that he is very excited about this new building experience! He hasn’t started it yet because of piles of schoolwork and an after school job, but I have no doubt he will love it.

If this topic stays open, I will come back again and let you all know. Again, I so appreciate your input and help, and especially your patience. It’s amazing how much a little kindness can mean to someone. If only … well, you know.

Stay safe.
Be well.


I’m glad to hear you got over being sick! Have an awesome rest of your year!


@AngieGrams Any info on how Jonathon liked the mBot Ranger?


Hi @AngieGrams

ich würde dir den mBot Neo / mBot2 empfehlen da dies ein Roboter ist der mit seinem genialen Kontroller Cyberpi sehr leicht und sehr witzig zu programmieren ist. Eben das richtige für



Auch für


LG Computerliebe


Sie hat bereits einen mBot Ranger gekauft.


She has already purchased an mBot Ranger.


Okay wusste ich nicht :slight_smile: