Starter Kit with LED matrix in MBlock 5


I was able to connect our Starter Robot to MBlock 5 using the Orion Device setting. However, there is not an extension for the LED Matrix that I can see. Is there one available? If not, is there a way to download the .mext for the mBot LED Matrix so that I can convert it to the orion or something? I am a developer, but have not created a mBlock extension before.
Thank you.


I know it’s available for mblock v3, but for mBlock5 I also couldn’t find how to make it work.

What is your reason for using the Mblock software? Because it’s also possible to program the board using the Arduino IDE. When I want to draw something on the LED matrix I usually make a drawing in mblock3 then copy the Arduino code and put that in my arduino IDE along with the rest of my program


I am trying to make everything work through mBlock 5 for my son who is just a beginner. I find mBlock 5 is more user friendly for him–and also that he could use the app on his phone to do some things. I especially like the “live” mode that is available in mBlock 5. So I am working to get all of the pieces we have working within mBlock 5 if it is possible.
Thank you for pointing me to the extensions in mBlock3. I had not used those before, so that is helpful. I would love to have a control like in mBlock5 with mBot where you can simply draw a picture on the grid and have it appear on the matrix, but perhaps that will be a step later down the road.
I will play around with this for a bit and see if I can create a block/extension in mBlock5 which uses the code from mBlock 3. Thank you for this help.


It is possible to draw a picture on the grid in mBlock5. I do it for my mBot. As you mentioned you have the starter kit with an Orion board. I just opened the mBlock5 software to try it out and indeed couldn’t find the “extention” when selection the orion Board as a device. But when I select the mBot as device it does show automatically. Maybe @tech_support can offer a solution?
It should be a simple solution.


Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for–the same functionality as with the mBot and the Matrix (We also have an mBot). That’s why I was wondering if there is a mext file for the mbot Matrix extension to see if it can easily be converted to be used with the Orion–or if there is any other way to gain this functionality for Orion.


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