LED Matrix block not available for Orion/Starter/Ultimate



I am running mBlock v3.4.12 I have connected an LED Matrix to an Orion board (Starter / Ultimate) however I cannot see a LED Matrix board available in the Robots block palette.

Any reason why since the Orion and mCore are both based off the Arduino Uno?

On a side note, I see to keep loosing the bootloader, and I am constantly having to reset the bootloader with via an ISP programmer (using this technique described HERE

Is there anyway to hack mBlock to copy/paste the LED Matrix into the Orion palette?


Starter Kit with LED matrix in MBlock 5

I don’t think this is correct. My students use the LED matrix with an Orion board all the time. You just need to enable the correct extension and then it should work.


Sorry, my mistake. With this extension:
Orion can use Port 3 or 4 for the face plate:


I edited MeOrion.h and added the line…

#include “MeLEDMatrix.h”



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