How to fix if Me Orion didn't respond?--Updated on 3/16/2017


Problem: Cannot update firmware or code for Me Orion board, the broad doesn’t respond any longer.

Diagnose: Please upload a blink program to the Orion board refer to this instruction, if there is a error message which shows as picture below, means that the bootloader in Me Orion is missing.

Solution: Use an Arduino Board to burn Bootloader for Makeblock Me Orion.

Step 1. Wiring Makeblock Me Orion board to Arduino board.

Here is use Arduino UNO to burn bootloader for Me Orion.

**If you don’t have a Arduino uno board but have a second Orion board (should be ok) instead, please connect the wires refer to this post.

Step 2. Use Arduino 1.6.5 to upload the ArduinoISP.

  1. Connect Arduino board to PC via USB cable.
  2. Open Arduino 1.6.5, select Arduino/Genuino UNO under “Tools->Board” and select correct serial port under “Tools->Port” for your Arduino board.

  3. Select “File->Examples->ArduinoISP”, and new window “ArduinoISP” will pop out.

  4. Click Upload, wait until it says upload done.

Step 3. Burn Bootloader

  1. Go to “Tools”->“Programmer” and choose Arduino as ISP.
  2. Click Burn Bootloader under “Tools”…
  3. Done. Test the blink program again and see if it works.
    Then you can Reset Default Program or Upgrade Firmware for the Orion board with mBlock software.

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Hi All,

The previous info on this post to guide re burn bootloader doesn’t work. Now this post has been updated.
Anyone who has a Orion board which lost the Bootloader can refer to this post to re burn the bootloader if you have an extra Arduino UNO/ Me Orion/ mCore board which works.
Here is the wiring connections for using an extra Me Orion board to help re burn bootloader for the issued Orion board.



I have done all the steps and my Orion board still does not work.

The lights for the motors is always on and sending power to the ports when I connect the batteries.


Please refer to my answers to you in this post.

Besides, do you mean you have verified that the Orion board has lost the bootloader and tried reburn the bootloader for Orion with another Arduino board refer to above steps?


Yes, I have confirmed that the bootloader has been lost and I have tried to upload it using an Arduino Uno following the steps you mentioned and still get the same error.

Please advice.


You may check if you connect each wire correctly and operate each step properly.
Normally, these steps can reburn bootloader for Orion board successfully. Kindly try more times carefully have a try.

Once still failed, you may need a new Orion board.
Kindly let us know where and when you bought the Orion board.


Yes, I double checked cable connection and they seemed valid. I bought this as part of the starter kit on Amazon on July 18th 2017. Order #


Hi AlejC18,

Thanks for that!
Could you please send the receipt of the starter kit to email address