[SOLVED] Need help assembling 25 mm DC Encoder Motor (9v, 86 RPM, 1:75 Gear Ratio)


I accidently put a headless screw inside the motor, and had to disassemble it. But i dont know how to assemble it back again, any help with me grateful; like a picture of a assembled one to show where the gears are correctly supposed to go.

thanks for all of the help


Hi, @idkvivek, welcome to the makeblock forum!

Could you provide a bit more information about the motor, so I can do some research? (Like the part number, more technical specifications, etc., I couldn’t quite read all of it). Also, do you have another one of the motors in good condition? If so, can you please photograph it, so I can use it in my image searches?

Also, which makeblock robot kit (if any) did this motor come in?

I found one possibly relevant page, however there are no diagrams. If possible, confirm that this motor is the same one as yours:


If so, you may be able to buy a new one here:

I would also suggest contacting makeblock via their email at
as well.

Good Luck!


Is this an image of your motor?


Hi again @idkvivek I found some new info that may help you:

Please note that I think the discussion is about the 1:46 ration one, so just use the images to try to guess how to do yours.


Please check that out, thanks!


Yes it is that motor

25MM DC Encoder Motor DC9.0V 86RPM ±10% Gear Ratio 1:75

This motor is part of the ‘Makeblock Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Robot Kit’ and unfortunately there is only one of this motor in the entire set.


I checked the picture of the 1:46 ratio one before, but it didnt really help us.


To buy a new one:

Contact mBlock using their email,
and give them the link to this forum topic; then ask them if you can make a special purchase of the 25MM DC Encoder Motor DC9.0V 86RPM 1:75 Gear Ratio. They may let you, but I think this product is discontinued from most places.

Or you can try a similar email and ask for photos of the correct gear setup. Unfortunately, I don’t have one of these motors but I am asking on several online websites that have mentioned them to see if they can get photos for me. @idkvivek Good luck!


Thank you soo much, yeah i will keep trying to fix it myself but also maybe contact the support team as well!


No problem! Good luck! @idkvivek

P.S. You can search on eBay and sometimes find similar ones. You could contact the seller there about the gear config. Example:



Thank you soo much for all the help you provided me. I was able to put the motor back.


@idkvivek Awesome! Did you happen to take any photos as you went? Don’t worry if you didn’t. I’m glad everything is resolved. Good luck with your future projects!


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