mBot controlled by Wireless Joystick using Me USB Host


Wireless Joysticks & Makeblock robots
Me USB Host questions - no detailed documentation (/how to) found -
PS3 joystick to control mBot or other bot?

This is great! thanks for sharing! I’ll have to try this out with our robot starter kit as the IR remote isn’t very kid friendly and a usb wireless controller is much easier than a copter RC controller.


Hi! I just tried to replicate what you did and ran into the problem of the > 64 bytes descriptor size. I tried it with a Trendnet TBW 107. Could you indicate which BT dongles are actually compatible with the MeUSBHost library?

Thanks a lot and best regards, Christian


Hi @robotfan,

This is great, well done and thanks so much for sharing the how to.

It seems that you are using the up/down/left/right arrows to control the mbot.
Do you know if it is possible to use the actual joysticks?

Thank you



Hi Again @robotfan ,

May i ask what is the little usb dongle that goes with the USB Host on the photo?

Is the ps3 controller communicating using wifi or bluetooth?
Does the joystick need to be configured/paired to the usb host via this little wireless dongle?

Thank you

PS3 joystick to control mBot or other bot?

Hi @robotfan, or @indream or @xeecos?

Are you still around and willing to answer a few question?
Do you still work for the Makeblock company by the way?

I got a usb Bluetooth 2.4G dongle and a PS3 joystick and they work well together with an Arduino UNO board and a Usb_Host_Shield.

Now i’m trying the same joystick/dongle with an mBot and a Me-usb-Host module but with no success.

Could you share a bit more about it please?

@tec_support, could you help too?

Thanks in advance,


Hi xenjee,

For this kind DIY application, I am afraid that we don’t have enough ability to help, you may need to figure it out by yourself.


Hi everybody
Just to tell you I control my mbot ranger with my ps4 controller. I don t need “me usb host”.
I download droidscript on my phone
And I make an apk with ps4 control
The way is plug your phone to your robot paire ps4 controller to the phone start the apk created to control your phone. My script works If you want it ask me.


Hi @el_lolo,

Thank you for sharing some informations!
Unfortunately i don’t think i can have that app on my fruit logo phone.
Also, i wanted to remote the Camera Dolly from the Ultimate2 kit without having to use an intermediate device (computer or phone).
Anyway, i sorta gave up (at least for now) and switched back to pure Arduino stuff, since @tec_support keeps telling me to go F@ myself, even if Makeblock does showcase this thing as part of their marketing com, and even if the author of this showcased project works for … Makeblock.
Pretty lame! (it’s just un gros foutage de gueule, s’cuse my french!)

Anyway, thanks for chiming in @el_lolo



no worries for the french
maybe you already see it but you have this tutorial on the web


Yes, that’s the showcased project, pretending to be an “instructable”, but with not enough explanations to go thru the steps, like the wireless bluetooth part. The only reason i didn’t report the “instructable” as not being complete is that others (with extended knowledge already) might find it more useful than it was for me.
Anyway, moving on (away from Makeblock for now) …
Thanks again Laurent - @el_lolo


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