mBlock Blockly Android app doesn’t work


Hi, I have a robot ranger. Seem I have a similar problem described by these guys

I also read your response on this tread

With the cable USB connection it’s ok, the ranger execute the istructions.
I already tried to reset my mBot ranger using mBlock v5.3.0
After that, with mBlock v3.4.11 , I did the reset to the default program and to upgrade the firmware successfully but without changes about the behaviors with the mBlock Blockly app

Using the app mBlockly Blockly, the ranger doesn’t perform the instruction shown in the challenge. Something seem to be processed in the Auriga mainboard during the execution of the lines but no movement or any action is done.
Other information:
The app I’m using is the only one a found in the market (mBlock Blockly updated 4 August 2020) and there is not a Panda as icon
When I do the story one: sequence, is it “hello, i am bot”? (but in Italian “Ciao sono mBot”) not “hello, i am ranger”
Thank you


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