How to wiring when I want to reburn bootloader for a Orion board with another Orion board

  1. The required materials:
    1). Six DuPont lines with female interface on each side;
  1. One piece of Orion board which lost bootloader, here we call it Orion 1;
  2. One piece of normal Orion board (working one), here we call it Orion 2;
  3. One RJ25 Adapter
  4. One RJ25 Cable
  1. Corresponding pin diagram on each mainboard:

    Please refer to the following picture to find the pins on the Orion 2 (the working one):
  1. Front side:

    Rear side: you can see the Silk screen for each pin on the rear side
  2. But where to find the pin 10?
    Please refer to the pictures below (check the pins of RJ25 Port 1):
  1. Connections
    1). Connect the pins (except the RESET pin) on Orion 1 to the corresponding pins on Orion 2.
  1. Connect the RJ25 Port 1 on Orion 2 to the RJ25 Adapter, then connect S2 pin on RJ25 adapter to the RESET pin on the Orion 1 with DuPon line. Refer to following pictures:

After finished the wiring connections, please refer to the Step 2~Step 3 in this post to burn the Bootloader.

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