XY plotter pen down/up, can you help me?


Hi Makeblock,
My new XY plotter runs fine, but lifting up/down the pen seems to work vice versa:
The servo lifts up, when clicking “down” and vice versa.

I can handle this by changing the up / down values in mdraw and raising the pen arm on the back, but that is not a satisfactory solution.

Windows, mDraw v1.2.1,

Could you please give me a hint?


Take a picture of the pen up/down mechanism,might be wrong servo orientation


Sorry, you also same product, same problem? Exactly same words as this post:


I have the same problem with him and I just copy the post. :sweat_smile:


No problem.
My brother fixed my problem. :smile:


hi drBlend,
could you please share the solution?

regards, Torsten


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