Using the WIFI module (ESP8266)


I read a lot about wifi modules and the ESP8266, and of course about the MeWifi module provided by the company. I want to manage a wireless communication between two mbot Ranger (MeAuriga => Arduino mega 2560 board), but I do not found any solution.

It is possible to manage such a communication?
Anybody managed to have any kind of wireless communication between two robots (mbot rangers specially)?

I think that the wifi module has a lot of possibilities, but wireing to the board with the RJ25 cable makes a lot more difficult (for me at least) to use it anyhow. Also having a poor library for it not helps at all.

There is somebody who managed to change the bluetooth module to a MeWifi module, or any other kind of ESP8266 module by wiring directly?

Please help! I am very hopeless.


Yes you can. Here is another post about it


Also, thanks for your reply :slight_smile: I guess it is compatible with the MeAuriga robots also :slight_smile: Also I do not know if there some kind of subscription to newsletters to these improvemnets, but if there is any possibility to get the latest news about this hwole thing pleas let me know :slight_smile:


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