ESP8266 Firmware


Is there a firmware that is compatible with ESP8266 that communicates with mBlock (i.e. use WeMos D1 R2 with mBlock)?

Using the WIFI module (ESP8266)

We have created a Cloud IoT platform to use with mBot and Ranger ( or with other Arduino compatible boards) using mBlock (or arduino IDE) and a firmware for ESP8266 Module

Easy using Makeblock ME Wifi and Wemos

With your mBot you can:

  • Store data and lists in the cloud
  • Acces stored data from a web browser
  • Connect with other mBots through the cloud platform
  • Control your with your mobile or PC from anywhere

Sample mBlock program

mBlock Extension

more samples from ( )

Web Interface


Tool for firmware flashing


Configure your wifi network using your mobile

Platform is Free for everyone

Access with your Google, Twitter or Facebook account


Perheaps you will need to translate the content with Chrome translator functionality

We are adding more functions so comments, improvements, are wellcomed


çok kısıtlı daha özgün olmalı…
firebase ve esp8266 kart appinvertör 2 desteklenmeli.
arduino tüm bunları destekliyor… tekbaşına…


Brilliant !! Absolutely ingenious!!
Thank you for that and a ¡¡happy new year!!


Hi! Wonderful project! One questuion: May i integrate cloud logic for my own firmware on ESP8266? I mean, if i have my own firmware for ESP, with some logic. And also want to connect to cloud. Is it real? I cant find ESP8266 sources for this. Thanks!


I want to try!


I can’t find it for mbot and ranger. I found it for uno. I tried to manually upload it, but it mblock says it is an invalid format.


I found it on mblock 3