Uploading to Ultimate fail



I have trouble when uploading my code to ultimate. There is error message as below:

I use Bluetooth dongle to upload the code.
There is no problem when running in live mode.
Is anyone can help me please

Thank you


Hi ridwan,
Due to technical issues, the Megapi board doesn’t support to upload program by Bluetooth dongle connection.
Hope you can understand.
Please use a USB cable to connect then you can upload program to the board.


Ok, I understand, thank for the explanation


Thanks for your understand.


Dear tech-support

I have a little bit discomfort when uploading program through USB Cable. Since the robot is immediately moving just after uploading is finish, I have to quickly reach the power switch to switching off the robot, if I miss the time then the cable and the robot will mess up.
Also when the robot is already have a program in it, and I want to upload new program, after USB cable is connected to PC and ultimate, then I must switch on the robot to make connection with PC, but at the same time, it will make the robot to execute existing program just before uploading of new program can be done. The robot will moving around while USB cable is connected during I prepare the uploading.

Is there any advise to solve the above problem?

Thank you


Hi ridwan,
Maybe you can write a delay at the begin of your code.
Or just hold the robot on your hand when uploading program.
You can also put it on a object and make the wheel off the desk.


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