Suggestions and feedbacks for mBlock 5 Extension Builder


Hi guys and makers. Welcome to mBlock 5 Extension Builder. We really appreciate your choice of mBlock 5 and the extension builder. Now our team would like to listen to your voice and gather feedbacks to further improve our builder.

If you have any suggestions on the extension builder, or any confusion in using the extension builder to develop extensions, please feel free to let us know, leave your comments below.





Hello @makeblock_product ,

I have asked a while ago for the “Maker’s Platform” extension to be added to the Ultimate 2.0 robot too. I assume it to be a low effort issue, since the blocks are practically the same as for the mBot or the Ranger.

Is it planned anytime soon? If not, I would gladly create it in the Extension Builder, if I had the possibility to modify existing extensions to my needs. But building it from scratch is a daunting task…

I would appreciate such an option a lot!



Hi rdhelli,

Sorry maybe I didn’t notice your questions since I just started to take over the forum recently. For the Ultimate 2.0 robot extension. Please allow me one day to confirm with my team and I’ll get back to you soon.




Hi rdhelli,

After confirming with my team, we do have the plan to develop “Maker platform”, starting from this December. But how much time it might take is not warrantable, including the test. My suggestion at this moment is, if you’re in need of this extension right now, you might consider developing it on your own. Or if this need is not that crucial, you can’t wait until the beginning of next year.




Hi @makeblock_product,

Any news on this maybe?



The blocks are available now in “Makers Platform” extension, thanks!


Yes, already added.
Hope you can enjoy playing with our Makeblock products.



Step 1 It is very difficult to adapt libraries and card libraries in making arduino extensions.
(I reached a week for the pressed 0.96th oled.)
example = automatic access and selection of the cards and libraries of the arduino installed on the pc. so I just mblock.

2.The sample can be a pool library for arduino mblock (for cards and for library)
For example, I need to adapt both card library (nodemcu 1.0 esp12 module) for esp8266 12f and add (frebase library) for application.

it is very difficult to transfer these libraries into the mblock installed on my arduino pc.

If this is resolved, I believe there will be more permanent and many applications. Sorry for the English language, so it is very important for the mblock library and its adaptation

Creating the src file and creating the src / xxx.h library brings many errors. The page is waiting to load.
I sent 1 picture for arduino with a few options … simply selecting arduino pc registered library can be used simulation


loading mode should always be.
many attempts are being made, they are constantly on and off.


What’s your idea


Hello, @makeblock_product
I have been using your extension builder a lot recently and noticed that even though I am in English mode, some notifications still appear in Chinese… could you please fix this for English users?

P.S. I am impressed with how high you set the bar for the extension review! :grinning: Keep up the good work!