mBlock 5 support for Ultimate 2.0 & add-ons



I am grateful that mBlock 5 added the Ultimate 2.0 to the list of supported devices :slight_smile: I have been looking forward to it for a while, and I am glad for the progress!

Here’s a snap of what sensors and motions are available:

Clearly it includes the sensors that come in the box, but how about other makeblock sensors? I have also purchased the electronic add-on pack and I’m curious about how I could add these to my projects. They were available in mBlock 3:


Hello @tech_support ,

There is already an extension available for the Ranger (auriga) and for the mBot (mcore), which supports the above items:
image image

Since the megapi also supports these devices, link, could this extension be added to the Ultimate 2.0, please? The same blocks could be used over again! As I see, the only modification required is the header importing:
#include "MeMegapi.h"

Suggestions and feedbacks for mBlock 5 Extension Builder

We’ll check with the product manager, thank you for your feedback.


It is available now, thanks!

This topic can be closed.


Yes, already added.
Hope you can enjoy playing with our Makeblock products.