Strange errors with mbot ultimate 2.0


My classroom has 3 mbot ultimate kits, and we assembled 3 different models last week. When we finished building and started testing, we noticed some odd things.
First of all, when we were testing via “live” mode, and told it to go forward, it would just turn in circles, but when we tested each motor individually, they all worked fine. Then, when switching into “upload” mode, things got reversed (so instead of turning left, it would turn right, go backward instead of forward, etc.)

Does anyone have insight into why it reverses direction when switching modes, and how i might troubleshoot the “not going forward” commands (we connected motors as described in manual, triple checked)? I also updated firmware. We are using 2017 iMacs running mojave, and using mBlock version 5.1.0



Sorry for the late reply.
Please try to change the motor cable connection and test again.
Then please take a very clear picture of the motor cable connection.
You may also send email to and have better communication.


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