Sensing IR signals



I noticed that there are two IR Sensor at the ears of Codey. I need to track the signal from each sensor separately, the strength of the signal at each sensor will decide the direction for Codey to move.
I’m trying to write a follow me robot.

So Can I measure each IR Sensor Separately?



Dear Abarakat,

You can measure the IR message received, for example:



I don’t think you can use the two signals independently. It is a nice idea though!


Just wondering

Is there a list of all the functions that come with the libraries (Codey, Rocky).

Is there a way where we can access more functionality using Python than what’s offered using Blocks.

There should be more.

Is there a way to create new functions to better utilize and control the hardware.



Hi abarakat,
Here is the link for your question:

And I am afraid users cannot create new functions to control the hardware yet.


Hi Makeblock,

I tried the IR is me too I can not do with an external controller or TV.
The Codey sends and receives are clean signals.

Here is my code and here are the controllers:

Codey rocky mBlock 5


The APIs is not complete.

The APIs for “IR reception emitter” are missing


Hi abarakat & crackel,
I am afraid that currently IR control port on mblock software is not open for users yet, although the firmware supports that. Users now cannot use remote controller to control codey rocky.
We will update the information if we add this function to mblock software officially.
Thank you for the feedback, we’ll complete APIs for IR reception emitter then.


:sob: we will wait


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