Self balancing robot not working, it just goes forward


Hi, my kit is Ultimate 2.0 10-1 robot kit with MegaPi. I’ve built it according to video instructions and as soon as I turn it on the weels start to spin and the robot goes forward but never on 90 degrees, always by dragging itself on the floor.

The behavior is shown in the following video:

I’ve already upgraded the firmware but same results


Hi scap2000, after seeing your video we think it might be the reason of improper installation. Please follow this instruction here to check if you have assembled the robot in the right way


Thanks for the answer, but the link you provided throws me the following error:

AccessDenied Request has expired. 60CB3F46D1F6F233382F2676 2021-06-17T04:15:34.000Z 2021-06-17T12:25:42.000Z


Hi, I’m still unable to visit the provided link. Maybe you have some other instructions site to share?


Hi scap2000, sorry about this. Please try to download the file here:


Oh thank you! I’ll give it a try and let you know the results


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