Not cutting through in a big area



we got a problem with our laserbox. Its not cutting through the standard brasswood (3mm) material.




As you can see it looks ok from the front, but it doesnt cut through.

Here i used the standard settings, standard settings x2 and 100% power + 10% speed.

The red area marks the most problematic area. Here it doesnt even cout through with 100% power + 5% speed + x2.

Is there a way to fix this?

Theres a old topic with a similar problem, but no one replied to it.


hi, i had a similar problem a couple of months ago, and i could solve it by cleaning the laser head/lenses and the air nozzle. did u try any of these already?



It should be the problem of laser lenses,please disassembled the lenses and use alcohol to clean it and laser head,when it get dirty the power of laser will attenuate


Thanks for the suggestions. Ill try it out.


I cleaned the lense and mirrors as shown in the youtube video. They were somekind of smeary… but it didnt help.

It didnt cut through the complete right and middle plate.



Please carefully check the four lenses, three of which are reflectors and one focusing lens,disassemble them and clean them up, and check whether their surfaces are damaged.


And if you still can’t fix this problem please check the link below and follow the steps to figure out the problem



Hi, thanks for the advise.

First i thought it could have been the mirror, because one is a bit damaged near the edge.

But then i thought “i guess the laser isnt thick enough to touch the scratches on the edge”, so i read the last link and in the end it helped. The problem was the alignment of the 2. mirror. The red point is where the path was first.

It was really annoying to calibrate the lense and get it to hit the middle (ok, its only almost the middle now but it works now and aligning it was really a pain in the…). The “laser launch software” wasnt available for download, so i had to use the laserbox software. Took me about an hour to get the alignement right.

Well at least it now cuts through the brasswood again, even in the lower right corner with standard settings. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear you fix this problem in the end and you can also contact with local distributor to get the component of lenses if your machine haven’t exceeded the warranty.

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