None of MeEncoderOnBoard samples are working


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mBot Ranger.

If I use run “Avoid Obstacles” mode from mBot App from iOS then the device moves as it should. Motors are working.

But if I try any MeEncoderOnBoard examples from Arduino IDE motors are not working at all.

a) “Me_Auriga_encoder_pid_speed” example loads on the device successfully and runs there but terminal shows zero speed.

b) Same problem with mBlock application. I can run all sensor and indicator functions, but not motors - they are silent.

In both cases I am connecting to the device with USB cable. Could it be the problem?

One more observation: in order to see meaningful output I am changing Serial.begin(115200); to Serial.begin(9600); in those samples - without that COM port communication over USB is not working properly. That shall be mentioned in comments of your samples.

Update: I am able to execute run commands using mBlock application over USB on other PC (Microsoft Surface) this time.


Answering to myself.

Apparently not all USB ports are powerful enough so on some ports Auriga will not be able to run motors. That could be confusing as micro servo motors work.


Hi C-smile,
There is no enough power from USB cable. USB connection offers 5V and Motor needs 6-12V.


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