No bluetooth connection possible


Hi there,

it’s impossible to connect from a PC to meAuriga.

  • Win7, Lenovo ThinkPad Edge
  • meAuriga
  • Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle
  • mBlock 3.4.12
  • tested before: USB connection working
  • bluetooth connection paired (permanent blue light)
  • COMx connection tic on (software indicates connection)
  • program transfer not possible

By the way, the connection with mBlock5 is not working, too (scan does not find any bluetooth device)


Hello asterix,
That should be normal.
Without Makeblock Bluetooth dongle, if your Bluetooth module connects ok with PC built-in Bluetooth, it only allows online program after we update firmware with USB connection.
With our Bluetooth dongle, it supports program transfer/upload.



thanks for your fast answer!

Maybe my initial request was not clear enough. Using a bluetooth connection, no transfer or upload is possible. This means that the Makeblock Bluetooth dongle does not provide a transfer or upload functionality.


Bluetooth dongle:
It is not come with the Ranger.
It works together with Bluetooth module which helps mobile apps to connect.

Do you have both parts? I am not sure what is the exact problem?

  • Yes, I have both parts.
  • The problem is that with mblock 3.4.12 a scratch program is not activated by clicking the green flag (i.e. download and/or start do fail) on the robot with a bluetooth connection (although the GUI indicates a valid connection to a COM port). The same program can downloaded and started with aUSB connection.
  • The problem is that with mblock 5.0.1. the search of bluetooth devices fails.


Hi, For mBlock 3.4.12, you first choose the right board: Boards— mBot Ranger (Auriga), then choose the correct Serial Port, the last but the most important step is to Upgrade Firmware, wait until it says Upload Finish, NOTE: don’t Reset Default Programe, but Upgrade Firmware. I also attach an instruction, you can do follow those steps:How to upgrade firmware for my Ranger with mBlock (448.1 KB)

After a successful connection, you can try to have a test like this:

For mBlock5, you need to connect with USB but not Bluetooth, since when you use and insert a Bluetooth module in, the message transfers via the port.

Any other problems, you can send us a video or picture via


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Hello asterix,
I am sorry for the long communication. I tried to reply you many times and it seems you never received it. I also use my personal email send email to you, but I got bounce back.
When I first received your email on 22nd, Sep, I replied soon:

Can we continue to communicate here?