Need to pause in the middle of a line follow line



I need to run a line following program , so it wollows a line and arond the middle of the line the mBot have to pause for 10 sec, and then move on.
How do i solve this issue



Hi Thomas,

what do you mean with “In the middle of the line”? Maybe, the line is 50 cm long and 10 cm thick. Is 25 or 5 the value, where the mbot should stop? And what, if the line is something like a circle? Please show a picture of the line.



Mbot have to follow this line, and stop for 10 seconds, bus stop :slight_smile: and then continue to the end of the line.


Hello Thomas,

You need some kind of trigger that signals the mBot to stop. Unfortunately, I have no good idea for the mBot 1. You could trie to make a gap with some lines and count them. Maybe difficult to set the right speed.

With the new mBot 2, you could use the Quad RGB sensor to detect a different colour in the line.





Hi ThomasN,

For mBot1 to perform a shutdown, a trigger must be determined for a sensor to catch it. There is Ultrasonic, Line Follower or a duration of time. Once the condition is met, it will be possible to take a break.


  • Is it a white line ???
  • Is it a white line, followed by a black and then another white ???

Warning: The mBot1 doesn’t have a lot of sensors so what you are looking to do is not that easy.


Hmm ,
Would it be possible to hold Down a key to make it pause, and continue when you release it.
So you run a program on the Mbit, and at same time control it from keyboard on laptop.


Hi Thomas N,

If you want to intervene and not for the robot to stop by itself, it is quite easy with the remote control.


  • The remote control (Easy)
  • 2.4G Wireless Serial (Easy)
  • Doogle Bluetooth from Makeblock (Easy)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 standard (Difficult)

Qule is your choice ???