Micro usb port for power


Can I use the usb port to power another 5V single port computer (PI zero)? micro USB to micro USB cable. I have connected from the orion micro usb to both the PI power micro usb and the data micro usb ports and the PI receives no power.

I know that I can use the USB port on the ultimate in this manner. It both powers the PI and allows two way communication.

Is the micro usb port on the orion a USB slave? If yes, it will expect to draw current from the USB cable and will not provide current to it.

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Result of testing and discussions with PI forum:

I powered the PI zero with a 5V power pack. The micro usb to micro usb cable also appears to power the orion. This is both good and bad as my orion robot has servos with expect min 6V. I am not sure how the orion is coping with the 5V from the PI and the 9V that directly powers the starter.

So far, no answers from makeblock tech support.


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