MeWiFi connection problem


Hi! I want to ask for help because I can’t connect to the MeWifi module either as a hotspot or as a TCP client. Although the module appears on both the PC (laptop) and the mobile phone in the list of available WiFi devices, I can connect to it, so pinging works in both cases (ie for both IP addresses). But neither with the app (USR-TCP232_Test) mentioned in the descriptions (MeWiFi module Design Report, WI-FI User Guide), nor with the Android Serial WiFi Terminal, the module is not connected to the network, so wireless communication does not work and the blue Link Indicator flashes continuously. Resetting does not help the problem either.
(I note that the Serial Bluetooth Terminal, which is also for Android, works flawlessly with the Bluetooth module.) Additional technical data: motherboard-MeOrion, Arduino Ide ver.1.8.12., Op. systems: Windows10 (64-bit) and Android 7.0. I trust that I will get enough help to solve this problem as soon as possible.


Hi Gyorgy_Neumann,
Here is a guidance about Me wifi module, please have a look.
Also I enclosed some examples for you.
You can download from here


Thanks, I got it for the second time now, but I’m going to study it over.


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