MegaPi, not enough connections for Sensors and LED Matrix


I have a problem with the RJ25 connectors. 3 of 4 connections (Port 6, Port 7 and Port 8) can be used for most of the available Makeblock sensor modules such as Gyro, Ultrasonic, LCD, LED, Led Matrix and so on. I bought the Ultimate 2 Robot Kit especially to build projects that were as extensive as possible. I also bought some extra sensors, an LED matrix panel and two switches suitable for the RJ25 servo module with Slot1 and Slot2.
Now I’m on the hose. How can I set up a project that uses the gyroscope, two ultrasonic sensors and two switches and the LED matrix panel?
So an ULTIMAKE project as the name suggests, and not a small-scale project like the few RJ25 connections only allow.

Thx in advanced


Hey Makeblock, this is an official support request for you.
Is it possible to operate this module with the MegaPi board? There are namely more entrances with bright colors suggesting that yellow, blue, white and black modules can be connected there. Please reply!
What should you do with a robot kit with which you can control many servos and motors, but cannot connect enough sensors?
I bought this robot kit and some additional sensors and the Led matrix to teach children how to get started with Mealy state machines. It is important that we can connect 2 ultrasonic sensors, a push button switch, the gyroscope(optional to control Z rotation instead with wheel odometry) and the Led Matrix Panel, which is used to display the states, to the MegaPi. I can also solder, to solder the necessary pin sockets to the pro-shield if it is compatible with the megapi board.


Hello wolke, the one you sent is for MegaPi Pro, not for MegaPi on Ultimate 2.0, so it’s not suitable. If you’d like to add more RJ25 ports on Ultimate 2.0, please check this one:


this is the Module the Ultimate 2.0 Robot Kit comes with. With arduino framework it is possible to use mostly 4 ports including port 5. But with scratch you can not use port 5. And at least we want to connect 5 External Modules. Gyro, 2x Ultrasonic, Switch and LED Matrix. I now realized that Ultimate 2.0 Robot Kit suggest more than it is possible with. So to get my project working without too much trouble, I ordered an Me Augira Board. It comes with build in gyro, build in Led and more RJ25 Sensor Connectors. I hope that the Encoder/Motor Connectors on Augira are also work with the Ultimate 2.0 Encoder motors.


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