Me TFT 2.4" - module version, documentation, mBlock 5 extension?



I have just purchased a Me TFT 2.4" module. A few questions:

  1. This module is not on the Makeblock website. Only a 2.2" module is shown ( whereas I bought this ( It definitely has 2.4" indicated on the back of the module. Is my module newer than the 2.2" module? If so, why is the website not updated to reflect the latest?
  2. Is the Arduino coding spec for coding with the 2.4" module the same as what is on the MakeBlock site for the 2.2" module ( checking if there are any changes to the spec from 2.2" version to 2.4" version or any further documentation of use of the TFT.
  3. We’ve been able to connect an mBot with the TFT and run a basic Arduino sketch to test it so I know it is working. My kids would like to continue using mBlock 5 to code the mBot. I cannot find an mBlock 5 extension for Me TFT. Does anyone know if one exists that we could use?




Me TFT 2.2 extension will work with both Me TFT 2.4 and 2.2. But 2.4 supports fewer fonts (not include font 48 and 64);
About mBlock 5 extension for this module, we need to check with the product manager.


Thank you for the reply, however I would like my specific questions answered if possible.

  1. Is the Me TFT 2.4" a newer version than the 2.2"? If so, why is the website not updated to reflect the latest?
  2. You have noted that the Me TFT 2.4" supports fewer fonts. I’m assuming this means that DS48 and DS64 commands are not supported, which explains some of the things I have seen in demo programs. Is there a reason for this reduced functionality? It seems very strange if the 2.4" is a newer version but has less features. What else is different?
  3. Could you please provide documentation on how I can load custom images into the flash memory for the 2.4" module.

I look forward to a reply on the mBlock 5 extension as well.



  1. We are checking the resources and will update the website information later;
  2. The specific difference is not listed and I am afraid we are not sure why it lose the two fonts, compared with the earlier version;
  3. We have engineers writing and testing the documentation which should be finished next Month. With the already information, I will email to you.

Thank you!

  1. OK. I reiterate that it is very strange that you would sell a new product version and only have the old one on your site. This is not critical for me at this stage but I find it concerning that Makeblock is not keeping documentation up-to-date with releases. Difficulties like this make it challenging to recommend Makeblock products.
  2. I don’t think it is acceptable to silently drop features on a new version without documenting this. I cannot find any documentation that specifically indicates the commands supported by the product I have purchased. The page includes a “Command List of Me TFT LCD Screen”. I do not have a list of commands applicable for the 2.4 inch product. Furthermore, the page says that the list are “only part of common used commands. For more powerful application, refer to related links”. Where are these related links?
  3. Do you have a date on when documentation for loading custom images into the flash memory for the 2.4" module will be available?
  4. mBlock 5 extension module - response 15 days ago was that tech support would check with the product manager to determine if there was an mBlock 5 extension for this module but no answer on this as yet. Please advise.


Hello Grant,
Thanks for your feedback and suggestion.

  1. I also agree with you that official website should be always up-dated. And we have realized the issue, but I can only say that won’t fixed at once. I will continue to feedback to the right department. Sorry for the inconvenience and trouble caused.
  2. Sorry, could you give me a screen shot of the “for more powerful application, refer to the related links”? Recently we are making some update for the official website, there might cause some redirect issues for it.
    3.The date is not decided yet, sorry, I can only say that related colleagues are trying write documentation for this module. But release time is still not decided.
  3. We will make mBlock 5 extension for me tft-2.4 inch, unfortunately, we still have no exact schedule.


Thank you for the reply. I will wait two weeks and then ask for an update on documentation and extension updates. I have two of these units and they are effectively unusable for my project until I have the required documentation. I know that you don’t have the release dates on hand but I think it is reasonable to expect that an update on these could be provided in 2 weeks. It is not very good to release a product without documentation to enable its use.

With regards to the screenshot request, it is easily found on below the command list table:


The website should be wrongly edited, we will inform the related colleague to check and revise. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello. It is 5 weeks since I last followed up these points so could you please provide an update on:

  1. A full, published list of commands that are applicable for the 2.4 inch Me TFT LCD screen. Without a specification, programming is all guesswork.
  2. Documentation for loading custom images into the flash memory for the 2.4" module or a date when this will be available.
  3. mBlock 5 extension module for use with coding the Me TFT or a date when this will be available.


Sorry for the issue cause and thank you for your concern. I understand your feeling. But I am afraid I am not in charge of that but another department. I have feedback to them who have their own working plan and schedule. I cannot control or guarantee the process. I will feedback again and try my best to push this case.
Thank you again.

mBot Ranger Expansion options

Hi Grant,
after an hour of googling I found out that the ME TFT is an off the shelf USART lcd manufactured with the Makeblock form factor. It’s some version of this: Yeah, everything is Chinese (google translate does the job). At the bottom of the page there’s a user’s manual, which is also Chinese, but requires a Baidu login as well. So I’m not sure if this helps you any bit :).


Thanks for your comments but not sure that I want to go down that rabbit-hole. I don’t think it is too much to ask for Makeblock to provide documentation for the products they sell but it has been a struggle!


Hi Grant,
The MeTFT extension is available in mBlock5, it supports a bit more than the table in the documentation (a few additional circle drawing functions). I tested it with an mBot (plain, not ranger), seems to be working fine.