Mbot with mblock5 bluetooth on windows 10 broken for "live" mode


Hi, same probleme with a new mbot ranger and 2 differents laptops on windows 10.
firmware upgrade done in usb
I connect in live mode with bluetooth, a few seconds after : firmware update need.
Unable ton execute code in live

Not try with mblock3.
Bluetooth work correctly with a tablet.

First laptop : lenovo thinkpap X240
Second laptop : lenovo thinkpad X270


Hi pichatte,

Please try below method. If issue continues, please take picture of your Bluetooth module for me.

Devices: mBot or Ranger, Dual Mode Bluetooth module, Windows 10 laptop
Problem: Connect mBot with mBlock 5.1.0 through Bluetooth (based on PC built-in Bluetooth adapter), mBlock 5 can detect mBot and connect to it under Bluetooth 4.0. But it always suggest to do firmware update though we have done already.
Reason: windows 10 system doesn’t support mBot/Ranger earlier Bluetooth version.
Step 1: Install Zadig driver to replace the PC built-in Bluetooth driver. Here is guidance: https://www.mblock.cc/doc/en/part-one-basics/connect-devices.html#3-bluetooth-40-instructions-for-windows-users

Step 2: Download and install test mLink:
Step 3: Open mBlock 5 online version and connect mBot/Ranger: https://ide.mblock.cc/#/

1.The above solution only supports mBlock 5 online version. If you want to use mBlock 5 client version, please try mBlock 5.0.1 and here is download link: https://dl.makeblock.com/mblock5/win32/V5.0.1.exe
2.Once installed Zadig driver, Bluetooth on mBlock 5.1.0 client version is not working any more. If you want to get the Bluetooth feature on mBlock 5.1.0 client version, please refer to the link in step 1 to uninstall the Zadig driver.
3.If you have another Bluetooth module and fails to detect mBot/Ranger under Bluetooth 4, you may also try above solution.


sorry for my late response,
it was complicated, but i manage with sucess to have a functional bluetooth :

  • Installation of zadig 2.4 WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385)
  • installation of v1.3.0_mBotBleFix.zip 3
  • Launching mlink
  • i try ide mblock -> not way to detect mbot ranger (works always throught usb)
  • mkblock 5.1.0 not working
  • relauch zadig, divers wasn’t WinUSB but BTUsb
  • reinstalling winusb driver
    -> launch mlink, ide mblcock working through USB !!!
    -> mbkock 5.1.0 and mblock 5.0.1 not working

Conlusion : live bluetooth working but only with online application.
any plan to support bluetooth / windows 10 / mbot ranger with mblock windows application ?
Must bought the bluetooth dongle. With it, it will be 100% functional ?



“Live bluetooth working but only with online application.”

That is the only function that we can realize. Without Makeblock official bluetooth dongle, once connected mblock 5 with pc built-in bluetooth adapter, it can only run online codes (live mode).