Mbot ultimate 2.0 robotic arm tank, camera module


Does the Mbot Ultimate 2.0 kit support a camera module? if yes, which one? Where to buy? the one shown on the Makeblock website is for the Smart Camera Add-on Pack for mBot Neo
We are trying to add a camera to do image-based detection on the Robotic Arm tank but could not find the supporting camera module. Any suggestion or recommendation would be appreciated?


The camera has to be integrated with a Raspberry Pi, which can be interfaced with mBot Ultimate.


Can you please elaborate? Do you mean any USB camera connected with Mega Pi that can be interfaced with MBot Ultimate? Will the Makeblock coding tool (mBlock 5) show the camera and can the kids still use the block-based coding to do something with a camera?


I mean a camera mBlock sells, you can look at it here:

But it also works with R-PI. You can ask my AI bot,


some questions in the meantime. Sorry, I am really busy right now.


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