mBot ranger or ultimage does not upload


I am able to upload code just fine on windows, but my new chromebook does not work. I have mlink installed and running. It connects. When I try and upload I get the error:

Please ensure you align the data type, parameter type and logic of blocks or code for the device to standards.
Please check if the device is properly connected. Try restarting the device and reconnect it.


Hi amendola,

Normally, the codes or blocks are same on mBlock software no matter on windows or chromebook.
For the issue that get error when upload code to Ultimate from chromebook mBlock software, could you let us know the followin info:

  1. What’s kind of the connection between Ultimate and Chromebook? If Bluetooth connection, do you use the Makeblock Bluetooth dongle on chromebook side?
  2. What is the error message, please help to take a picture?
  3. In order to better locate the cause, please take a video to show your operation and the problem phenomenon, thanks!


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