mBot Ranger Bluetooth Connection?


I’ve been searching through forums and trying things and I just cannot get my mBot Ranger to connect to my laptop to use the mBlock Bluetooth live programming. From what I’ve seen, it sounds like the only way to do so is with the Makeblock bluetooth dongle? Is this true? As it is (with the equipment I have), I don’t even have a free USB port I could put it in. Do I really have to spend more money to be able to do this? Has anybody found a program or workaround or something??


Sorry to disappoint you but yeah if it doesn’t work right now you probably need the dongle or connect wireless in another way. Im speaking from experience here…

My workaround is connecting a NodeMCU v3 ESP8266 to the board (I did it with the mBot but the process is similar) and connect to my Pc over WiFi. This will only costs you a few euros or dollars. But you have to do some soldering and stuff.

If you are interested take a look at my Git and feel free to ask if you have any questions.


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