Mbot ranger and Bluetooth controller


Hello, I am trying to use the make block Bluetooth controller to the mbot ranger but I need the “Official BTC for Ranger” or “Official BTC for mBot-mblock.rar” program and it is not available on the make block website or anywhere.

Please upload it here so I can use the controller with the ranger.

Please advise.


Check out this post:

My contribution to it should work fine when used to control your Ranger.


I’m looking for a Makeblock 18650 Lithium battery. I saw one on Aliexpress, but it’s a 7.4 volt version. It should be suitable for the Ranger, but will it work?


Amazon offers an 18 volt version. That confuses me a bit more!


Thank you Sir,
Very helpful information! I used some of your code example to put together a program that provides control of the ranger with the blue tooth controller! Much appreciated.


This is the one I ordered and it works great with the ranger -


I’m glad to help (& that you have got your BT controller working). Your battery / charger pack looks great (it seems to be available in the US only) - if only Makeblock would make these available in the UK…


7.4v will work.


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