[mBlock5/Neuron] major changes coming: note for book/tutorial writers


We know people are writing books/course plans, so most of the system will remain unchanged. However, several improvements are scheduled to make the experience better when certain problems in user tests/feedbacks need to be addressed:

for mBlock 5:

  • The concept of communication variable is likely to be removed. Early feedback suggests people have trouble understanding this concept. Instead, global variables may be able to pass through robots/boards.
  • As you may guess, external Neuron blocks and IR functionalities will be added to Codey Rocky.

for Neuron:

  • A series of options are considered to make it easier to use. The control tab “buttons, sliders…” is likely to become the default tab, since most of the nodes are interactive and self-explanatory, reducing the entry barrier of the software.
  • The confusing “Speed” and “Direction” companion nodes for motors are likely to be removed. Instead, motor drivers will naturally have 2 inputs. The same goes for Servos
  • The concept of hanging inputs (like the “Number” node will output a number if no input is given) is likely to be removed. Since the inconsistency in logic has been proved confusing repeatedly.

Makeblock devotes to reduce the barrier of making and learning. Please feel free to share your view on the user experience. There is also a section named “Feature Requests” under “mBlock” category. Please make use of it.

FAQ for mBlock 5 + Codey Rocky


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