Manuals www access error


Hello, could you help me with accessing assembly instructions of my Ultimate 2.0 robot? the website ( is not working, best in english language.

Thanks for repairing links…


Hi there:

Please click the link below and you can get all the information you need about Ultimate2.0,thank you.



Hello, the website is not accessible.
The documents in are in Chinese, but I need it in English.



Please delete the /cn of website: then it will turn to English version automatically and click the documents select download any way.


Please check FAQ:

Q6. Where can I find the instruction for other building forms?
Visit for more building instructions of Ultimate 2.0 robot kit.

This website is not working, either in Chinese or English

Now, alternatively I found it at support:



Thank you for your feedback and it can normal visit in china.


Try this:

Does it work in China?



Our engineer said this website is no longer being updated and maintained,if you want login to this

website you need to bind host and it is only open to our employee,very sorry about that.


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