Makeblock USB Dongle does not communicate with Ultimate v2.0



I am working on a new engineering physics curriculum for our college and plan to use the Ultimate v2.0 kit for the labs. I have the “detecting robot” (line follower and ultrasonic sensor) version assembled and programmed using the USB cable and all works fine. I also added the upload mode and data chart extensions, and as long as the robot is connected via USB, the sprite correctly receives and graphs the ultrasonic data from the robot. So, all’s well there.

My problem is that I need for the robot to not be tethered to the computer, yet still send data back for the students to analyze. I purchased the official Bluetooth dongle from Makeblock. It shows up in the laptop with a COM port (double-checked in the device manager), and when I press the Connect button in mBlock 5, the IDE reports that the it is connected. I realize that means that it is just receiving the USB signal from the dongle and isn’t -actually- connected to the robot yet.

When I turn on the robot and press the pairing button on the dongle, I get the fast-blinking blue light, which becomes solid blue when the pair is complete. I don’t have to re-pair the dongle and robot; then next time the robot is turned on, the blue light goes solid immediately.

So, that all seems to be fine, but the dongle just basically sends no data to or from the robot. I can’t upload programs (which the description says will work with Ultimate 2.0), nor does it send the ultrasonic data back to the sprite on the laptop. If I swap the dongle for the USB cable, everything works fine again.

Do you have any suggestions for getting the dongle to actually communicate with the robot? What am I missing?

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Hello, Dr.K
Thank you for contacting us.
Preliminary inference is that there is a problem with the transmission function of the Bluetooth module, please send the operation video to our after-sales email for troubleshooting:
Thanks in advance.
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