List of pre-defined templates


Hi everyone and especially @tech_support , this topic to know if there is a place where I could find a list and definition of all templates variables used in the Extension Builder such as :

  • /{$BRANCH}/
  • /{$PROC_CODE}/
  • /{$INDEX}/

It seems they are often the solution to posts in this forum but I can’t find a place where they are described…

In my particular case I’m looking for such a template variable to get an unique identifier of a block… --> Solved by using $INDEX

Many thanks !


Hi there:

Here is the tutorial.please click the link below and refer the information.



Hi, thanks for your answer, unfortunatelly except a defintion of $BRANCH, there is no list or definition of the others template as per example $PROC_CODE wich popped out from an answer to a forum topic here : No trascoding for user defined blocks in new arduino device

If such a list or documentation exists I would be happy to know !

Thanks !