No trascoding for user defined blocks in new arduino device


Iḿ testing new arduino device and i notice that there is no trascoding for user blocks, like this:

I appreciate your help. Thanks, regards!


Hi astoctas,

To configure the user block make it functional. Please do the following settings:

1.add a new block in the “My Blocks” section

2.Then change its OPCODE to “procedures_definition”

3.Then add the following code to the ''declare" section of the transcode
[void /*{$PROC_CODE}*/{ /*{$BRANCH}*/ }, 0]

like below:

We apologize for this confusion and inconvenience. We might add this default configuration in our next version.

Please let me know if this works for you.




Hi, It didn’t work, did I miss something?


Thanks in advance, regards!


Hi astoctas,

May I have your extension file, if you don’t mind letting us take a look at your extension and see how exactly we could help you out?




Hi, sure, here you are: (60.0 KB)



Hi astoctas,

I found the issue. This editor of this forum is sooooo terrible. It will omit the back quote mark by default. Take a look at my code:


and yours:

Do you notice the difference?

You just need to add the back quote marks in front of the code and after the code for the 0 index of the array

Again, this forum’s editor is terrible and this has happened before, sorry about that.




Oh sorry Allen, I neither notice these quotes in the image.

Now it works perfectly, thank you very much!