Laserbox macOS Catalina connection



I want to connect Laserbox to MacBook Pro with macOS Catalina version 10.15.2 over USB. Unfortunately connection is not happening. Please help to provide right next steps and drivers.

Thanks, Endo


Hi Endo,

Did you find an solution already?
I’ve got the same problem

Thanks Bram


Hi endo & meesterbram,

Sorry for the problem. Currently there is problem to connect the laserbox to the latest mac system 10.15.x. Our engineer is working on solving this problem now. Please kindly wait and we will let you know when it is solved.

Btw, could you help provide the firmware version of your laserbox device. You can see it by going to three bar icon–>Settings->Device: then provide the screenshoot of this page.


Will be waiting for the solution then. Currently using windows laptop as a workaround. Firmware version is the latest and I updated this prior my post to this forum. I will have access to the device in coming days and send you the version.



No solution yet, but seems there are people on it so there will be :slight_smile:


Hi endo & meesterbram,

Here is the good news that the connection issue is solved now. Please kindly try it.
Feel free to let us know if there is still problem.


Where is the solution? Any links to download or source. Thank You!



Please download the latest Laserbox software from here and update your firmware as well.