Laser Engraver Software Update for XY-Plotter V2.0&V2.02——BenBox 2.12.45


For everyone’s benefit, the official source of Benbox software is


Benbox Laser Engraver 3.3.80 (2015.05.16) is available here


Thank you!


Can you sugest the best settings to engrave an image with light and dark areas


If you enter the this site.[][1]
Get the following software versions.

BMP engrave parameter setting:

Graphical results are as follows:



How do I make an image larger on Benbox


What is the format? If it is a bitmap or Dxf, please zoom by dragging the graphic. You can also use graphics software changes pixels or size. About Benbox software, you can try the mouse wheel to scroll and double-click function.


Hello! This looks promising. My problem is that when i move my laser with the left button in benbox it moves to the right, and the other way around, any simple solution to this?

/thanks Max


Look at it from the other side.


Hi Ouyang,
How do I set the xy home point in the benbox software?


Nha, that dosn’t help because the Y-axis is working, so if i looked from the other side the Y- axis would be the wrong way.


In the benbox software, right hand panel, play with flipping the 2 and 3 of STEP and 5 and 6 of DIR. IE make it 3 and 2 and/or 6 and 5.


For the Laser Settings, what does the Time parameter do?

I understand the rest of the parameters (I think):
Intensity: 0-255 sets the laser power by controlling the voltage sent to the laser head.
Speed: sets how fast the laser head moves across the work surface.
Time: ??? I’m not sure I understand what this does?
Step: How many passes the laser head makes over a line? (is that right?)


There is a new US-based, community-supported forum for low cost, low powered laser systems coming out of China.

Specifically targeting the popular Benbox DIY Laser, the forum will also support any other low cost, low powered Grbl-based laser systems.

The URL is:



Hello! Function shown in the picture belongs to the default function of the software settings. Some of them are the value of Port Pin Orion motherboard.

STEP is a stepper motor pulse control pin number.
DIR is a stepper motor direction control pin number.
MIN and MAX to limit control pin. PPM (Pulse-position modulation).
PPM resizing change drawing scale.
LASER: Laser module control pin number.SERVO also control pin number.
FEED Rate: 3000 to feed the speed limit.
These values Orion (Uno compatible) pin number. You can change it, but you need some knowledge of the circuit. Thank you!


Hello , when i try to make an image larger on Benbox, the program crashes and I have this message

Can somebody help me please ?


When I try to follow the download link above I get the following: “Error establishing a database connection.” Is there another way to download the latest version?


Hello, does anyone know what the blue button next to the run button mean? Also, when you change intensities, do you see a difference in the engraving? I’m not getting noticeable differences between intensity at 1 and intensity at 150… It would be awesome if someone could help :slight_smile: Thanks!


if you click on the item in the benbox drawing screen it appears a rectangle, It means the edge of the working area. It checks the area, you may see the laser head. It would be a smaller piece of wood than working area. Be care it may both move and burn, and than you may have a burned area line.


I’ve had my benbox since christmas and accidentally blew the board by using the power adapter from my printer, so bought a replacement board, fitted it and it works, but for some reason everything that I ‘print’ is 5x smaller than the picture was, and if I am print something more complicated than a basic shape it doesn’t more on the Y axis so just burns a line left to right