I want to add an upload mode broadcast extension to my device



I am Young who is making and managing “EZSTEAM V1”, “EZSTEAM Nano” and “EZSTEAM Nano(old)” devices. I’ve created a broadcast block for the “EZSTEAM Nano” and “EZSTEAM Nano(old)” , but it’s not compatible with the sprite.
The “EZSTEAM Nano” and “EZSTEAM Nano(old)” device is based on the Arduino nano.
I’d like to add a broadcast extension block that is compatible with sprites on an “EZSTEAM Nano” and “EZSTEAM Nano(old)” devices.
device id is “ezsteam_nano” and “ezsteam_nano_old”.
I want you to add a [[[ Upload mode broadcast ]]] extension block to our device.
I look forward to your reply.

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Hello, I’m not mBlock official, but I’m now working on an upload mode broadcast extensions for your device. This could take several days. We’ll see.

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I have a similar question for the developers. I would like “Common UNO Device” to be able to use the “Upload Mode Broadcast” extension.


OK, I’m on it! You have to publish your device for me to be able to post the extension. What is its name?


“Common UNO Device”. Thank you very much!


No problem!


@a1egr0 There was some delay, sorry. The ID of your device is “common_uno”, correct? If so, the extension is being reviewed by mBlock and will soon be added to your device!


I have a similar question for the developers. I would like “xrobo_leankit Device” to be able to use the “Upload Mode Broadcast” extension.


I have a similar question for the developers. I would like “xrobo_learnkit Device” to be able to use the “Upload Mode Broadcast” extension.


Hi @Best_codes , my devices have been published, please add my devices to Upload Mode Broadcast extensions!

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Hey @choizin @a1egr0 @xuanngoc you can get my extension here: https://github.com/The-Best-Codes/upload-mode-broadcast-mblock/raw/main/arduino_broadcast.mext


Hi @Best_codes , thank you for your response!
I did everything following your instructions on github:

  1. I downloaded your extension
  2. Import to extension builder
  3. Put the names of the devices in the category called “Support device/sprite”
  4. Save my change and submit the extension for review.

I got a warning: “The ID already exits. Please change another ID before submitting again.”

One of my devices had two extensions with the same name “Upload mode” but only the extension made by Mblock-developer works. So if I change the ID and then submit it for review, I am afraid it’s not work!

Here is my ID of devices:

  • vietduino_mega2560
  • vietduino_leonardo_2022
  • vietduino_v1
  • vietduino_v2
  • vietduino_v3
  • vietduino_v4
  • vietduino_v5
  • vietduino_v6

Best regard!


Thanks! You can change the extension ID so that there is no conflict:
Go to the Basic Information tab, then edit the ext ID:

I hope this helps!


Thank you for your support, I have Submitted a new extension with ID arduino_broadcast_2. I hope it works!


No problem! Thanks for pointing out the error in my instructions! I fixed it on GitHub and gave credit to you for pointing it out. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!



I’m managing “스팀 아두이노” (device for Arduino Uno) ,
and currently making new device for Arduino Nano and Arduino Nano-old.
I can see that you already made both Nano and Nano-old :slight_smile:
I’ve tested with my new Nano device and it works well but I’m having difficulties
in making Nano-old.
When I try to upload the code I get this error.

I think verdor id is the problem but I don’t know the vendor id from Nano-old.
Can you give me some advice for making Nano-old?
What settings should be different between Nano and Nano-old?

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The error means that it can’t find a device on the port you specified. Are you sure you connected to the right port and not an internal port of something mounted in your OS?


I’m posting the error message again.
When I test with Nano-old(ATmega 328p old bootloader) I got bellow message
during uploading code.

Nano and Nano-old both have same VID as below.

Am I checking it right?

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Yes, you are. I’ll ask makeblock and see if this is a glitch.


Have you tried a different code or a different Nano device? How big is your code?