I want to add an upload mode broadcast extension to my device


Yes, I’m checking with other Nano-old devices but all same symptom.
I’ve checked with mblock published device “Arduino Nano (old)” : Developers : Ablock
then uploading works well with my Nano-old devices.

So, I guess if I change the vendor id in “Connection Settings” , it will probably work.

This is why I asked @xuanngoc the vendor id of Nano-old.

And the test code I’m using is very short.
It’s only for upload test.

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@gosteamlib I don’t know if the vendor ID would be the issue in this case, but you can try it. :slight_smile: I don’t have any other ideas right now.


Or, is there any other differences between making Nano and Nano-old ?

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Yes, there is. They have different drivers.


Yes, I know that as well.
So I want the know what settings should be different between two devices to make it work.
The settings means as below.

I think @xuanngoc already knows the answer, and I’m waiting for his or her advice.

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I am not sure, I do not have access to both device sources yet. I’ll private message them to you later.


Hi @gosteamlib, I made no Extensions or Devices for Arduino Nano.
Luckily I have both two boards Nano and Nano-Old. I tried to use Device Arduino Nano (old) to upload to my Nano-Old board, it is working normally.

But if I use Device Arduino Nano (old) to upload to Nano board (Not the old version), I get the same error as you.

I think you should try Device Arduino Nano

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I haven’t tried this yet, but I will. I think @gosteamlib found some useful resources to help him already, though. Thanks!


Hi @Best_codes, my Extension (Upload Mode) has been approved. But it seems doesn’t work like Upload Mode (dev: block official).


Here is my extension, I just changed the name and the version then submitted it for review.

arduino_broadcast_2_v1.0.3_f7cd95f0.zip (74.1 KB)

I just want to send data from my custom device to control Sprite Panda

Thank you for your time! :smiley:


Sorry, I will check out the extension and see if I can find the issue.


@Best_codes, Is there a way to add my Device to the extension Upload Mode (Mblock Official) like this?


No, unless you can get mBlock to manually do it for you @xuanngoc.