I need help with changing the tv channel with my codey rocky!


I cant figure out how to change the channel on my tv with my codey rocky as shown in the video.
Can anybody give me some advice please?


Someone please help me out here :disappointed_relieved:


Firstly you need to check if your TV remote support NEC agreements,if yes,then you need to programming for the Codey as below blocks.
After that,you put codey close to your TV remote and press button A while you changing channels via TV remote,once finish recording,then you can press button B to reproduce the behavior which you did by TV remote just now.


i checked on google but it didnt tell me. btw my tv remote is a DYNEX DX-RC01A-12


I hope you know if it supports NEC agreements. thanks in advance!


also can you store signals in variables?


for example would one of these work?blocks%20(2)


Hi FNAFman,

I have already tried to put the information in a variable and it does not work. I think we have to go in Python … With the interface, I think the support told me, one code at a time.


I even tried the code and believe the instruction: codey.ir.receive() doesn’t work

Doc Makeblock


ok maybe theres another way?


just wait im gonna make some code and send it here




maybe that will work?


blahblahblah= whatever ir code signal thing it would be called


It does not work…

I managed to display code 8 for the Power button on my LG TV.
So I did: send IR message 8 … and result = None


ok thanks


I hope Makeblock will look at the problem … Because I would really like to be able to save several codes to be able to use them later.

I agree a solution


i hope they do change that too


also can you help me with another post?


heres the link