How to add a new board using ESP32


I want to add my device using esp32 but only found the guide for arduino uno.
I have seen mblock 5 supports esp32, so how can i add my device?

Thank you.


Hi mrninhvn,
Please go ahead the guidance and try to figure out it by yourself.


Only example for arduino UNO and there are no instructions on the Middleware settings and Upload driver settings options.
I don’t know how to custom them for esp8266 or esp32.
Can you help me, thank you.


hello I am wondering about this subject studies are still continuing there is no support (esp32 and esp8266 module) to write arduino blocks.

my extension got stuck in technical problems. it doesn’t work but conversations are going on … maybe it could work soon … drivers might be.


Hi mesut,
ESP32 is currently using micropython.


yes but I think micropython personal. It should be global, everyone should use it. I could not use the extension in the picture :slight_smile:
drivers can be used by anyone. i don’t know english sorry.


do you know micropython?


Did you mean ESP8266 & ESP32 doesn’t work right now?


yes there is no driver deck to create extension arduino. (I don’t know micropython.)


Are you the author of ESp8266 & ESP32 extension?


yes (esp8266) I write extension … in the picture


Ohh, so sad because it doesn’t work now :disappointed_relieved:


yes technical problem (mblock technical correspondence continues) maybe it will work in the future.


technically halocode is an ESP32
halocode is supported by mblock
so if we could have the mext file of halocode we could make ESP32 and ESP8266 work with mblock ?


çok uzun zamandır ESP32 ve ESP8266 (arduino) için desteklemelerini bekliyorum ama nedense yapmıyorlar bunun özel bir nedeni var galiba.


yes logic but no halocode driver in mblok. so i think you can’t write code.


hocam iyi günler esp8266 (nademcu) mblock 5 aracılığıyla kod yükleme yapabildiniz mi ?


Hello, @mrninhvn, you need to go to the Firmware settings and then the Driver settings tab from there. Simply backspace the stk100v1 or whatever is in the “Name:” text box by default and type in your driver’s name instead.
Then check the “Custom” box and put in your driver’s code.

Thanks for your time,


dear Best_codes
i want esp32 device source codes
can you send me


OK, but it will be a while.