How can I download mbot.mext


I would like to see the extension construction of mbot.
it is easier to build a program ( device extension ) seeing the finished construction.
can I download the mbot.mext file somewhere?

thank you for the information and files.but

there is a problem with webpack compression. the .js file is “incomplete” after importing. Importing the ard_uno.mext file into the builder and downloading it again causes errors. it’s worth providing the full js library.


I have send you the file.
You can download from here.



@tech_support @bigeyex
Link is broken. Can you also upload Arduino Uno Mext?? Please?


Hi dnzayan,
I will send it to you, please check your inbox.


ARDUİNO UNO dosyası bize gönderebilirmisin.


Hi mesut
Please check your inbox.




Dear tech support,

Could you share Arduino_uno.mext to me too? I would like to learn and create own extension for my device. Thanks.

#9 (286.7 KB)


Thank for your share. But in this file, it error and cannot switch mode to Live mode.


It seems error because of block “Common Code Setting” to
-import { serialPort } from ‘’;


this file was sent to me.
should give technical support in this regard.
I don’t know if I haven’t tried live mode.


Dear @tech_support,
Could you tell me why arduino_uno.mext cannot switch to live mode?


Hi Sreypov,
I have send you a demo, please check your inbox.
Hope it will work to you.


Dear @tech_support

Where do you send demo? I cannot find both inbox of my email and inbox of mBlock forum.

Could you send via email ""? Thanks


Hi Sreypov,
Send again.


can I count on sending also arduino nano.mext. thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hi madziarek, (99.5 KB)


Could you sharethe mext for the mbot again, it would be usefull for all developpers


Hi sebdelprat,
Uploaded here.
mcore_v0.3.6_f02c461b (1) (380.5 KB)