How can I download mbot.mext


Thanks you so much


@Sreypov @tech_support Can you also send a Arduino Uno Mext working at Live Mode?. Or maybe a demo working at Arduino Uno Live Mode? It would be usefull for all developers.


mBlock tech said that Arduino Uno is not working in Live Mode for the third party. And they cannot provide permission for us. Sad.
What they send me is just a simple demo like (36.6 KB)


Thank you.They already send us Arduino Uno Mext. It is just not working on online mode, why can’t they just send us a working one? I do not understand. @tech_support @bigeyex @Sreypov


Yes dnzayan,
Because of permission issues, third party users can’t use the live mode when creating your own extension.
Hope you can understand.


“third party users can’t use the live mode when creating your own extension.
Hope you can understand.” since we can’t change the program ourselves, could I ask you to modify arduino_nano.mext - enable the bluetooth option as it was in mblock 3?


You have to develop everything yoursleft by choosing device" in the extension builder. There a few ressources on the github fr the live mode and also the code of the firmware, but this is a significant amount of work


that’s why so many people still work on mblock 3


But you can actually develop a device using the extension centre. Mine is almost finished.
Once finished, I can say, it is not hat difficult… the major issue is finding doc and understanding how everything works.


This does not make any sense to me :

  1. The support is sending info & help on how to develop our own device
  2. There is the possibility to develop devices in the extension in the extension builder
  3. There is an example (although very limited) on how to develop live mode extension in the documentation:
    the title of this section is “Block Event Handler (Live Mode Configuration)”

So it seems to me that some staff from the support do not want us to develop live mode and all the others have already develop the tools & part of the doc to enable this.


So could you enable Bluetooth mode for arduino_uno and arduino_nano.
We cannot control motor to go forward as we want using arduino via USB. Hope you understand. Thanks


Hi there
¿Do you have any .mext file for Arduino nano Old version?